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Mutual aid dispatched to South Carolina after historic flooding

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Firefighter saves dog

Historic flooding in South Carolina

South Carolina has suffered surmountable loss and damage due to historical flooding. Please take a moment to remember the residents across the state as they face extreme days of clean up and rebuilding.  Charleston recognizes the tireless efforts and life-saving rescues that have been performed by trained first responders.  The coordination of mutual aid among the tri-county area has been executed perfectly. These trained professionals are and continue to be an inspiration.


The headquarters of the SE Division is located in Charleston.

Drones are being used in the heavily flooded areas to help with the search and rescue efforts and to estimate the damages to infrastructure, land, homes and businesses.

A summary snap shot of the EMAC response to South Carolina.

There are state EMAC mutual aid response teams from Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and others deployed.  Note:  two Federal Type 1 US&R Task Forces from Virginia have been activated along with the Red Incident Support Team ( VA-TF1, VA-TF2, Red IST.)


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