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New report available to first responders

IAB Active Shooter Summit Report

Please download this free report now!!

This report guides first responders, police , fire and EMS with best practices in the very likely event of an active shooter.  We’ve seen an increase in the events since 2012.

This report was complied by the InterAgency Board during the summit held in Charlotte, NC in March 2015.


IAB Active Shooter Summit Report-1

New Guide from NFPA from Wildland Urban Interface

Executive Summary

Wildland and wildland/urban interface fires are a major problem in many parts of the country, and are increasing in frequency. These fires typically require more resources in terms of personnel and equipment than any one department has available, and so by their nature require cooperation and coordination between multiple departments, agencies, and organizations. Historically fire departments have focused primarily on fire suppression/control responsibilities, however increasingly the need for greater effort in wildfire risk reduction is becoming important. This report, based on 46 fire chief and senior line officer interviews, describes how some fire departments are addressing the wildfire peril and making the transition to becoming better prepared and ready to control and mitigate a wildfire incident in their communities. For some departments these conditions require only minor adjustments in their organization, procedures, and activities, while for other departments a major shift in outlook and approach may be required.

Fire Department Wildfire preparedness and readiness Capabilities

Complete report available here: NFPA WUI Phase 1

For more information :


POV Best Practices

Scroll down to mid-page and click the pdf for the complete document.

POV photo

This document was a joint effort between the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ (IAFC) Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS), Safety, Health and Survival Section (SHSS), and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC). The need for this resource became clear after the NFFF’s Tampa2 meeting. Thanks to everyone that helped and contributed to this document. We appreciate the support from the leadership of the IAFC and the NVFC.
Published: August 2015


On June 16, 2003, at 1830 hours, during a heavy rainstorm, a fire department was dispatched to a high-water emergency. At the same time, a 30-year old male volunteer firefighter was in his privately owned vehicle (POV) on his way to the fire department to pick up a fire apparatus. He was heading east on a two-lane paved road when, according to the state police report, he drove over a large pool of water, causing him to hydroplane and lose control of his POV. He traveled off the westbound shoulder of the road and struck a billboard signpost. A civilian motorist that the victim had passed about one mile back came upon the crash scene and called 911.


FY2014 SAFER Grant Winners

Here is a list of all the winners of the FY2014 SAFER Grant.   To see the entire publication, click the link below


Weekly Award Postings For Award Year 2014

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Cullman Fire Rescue Cullman AL Hiring $1,137,816.00 9/25/2015
Town of Matthews Fire & EMS Department Matthews NC Recruitment $91,990.00 9/25/2015
Steven’s County Fire Protection Dist. 1 Clayton WA Recruitment $181,411.00 9/18/2015
Albany Fire Department Albany NY Hiring $1,877,490.00 9/11/2015
Atlantic City Fire Department Atlantic City NJ Hiring $21,517,020.00 9/11/2015
City of Antelope Fire Department Antelope OR Recruitment $699,600.00 9/11/2015
City of Ceres Fire Department Ceres CA Hiring $1,266,035.00 9/11/2015
City of Killeen/Fire Department Killeen TX Hiring $4,443,404.00 9/11/2015
City of Lowell Fire Department Lowell MA Hiring $1,923,852.00 9/11/2015
City of Norwood Fire Division Norwood OH Hiring $1,015,495.00 9/11/2015
Everett Fire Department Everett MA Hiring $1,584,952.00 9/11/2015
Fire Fighters Association of Missouri Warrensburg MO Recruitment $93,812.00 9/11/2015
International Association of Fire Chiefs Fairfax VA Recruitment $2,858,113.00 9/11/2015
Kelseyville Fire Protection District Kelseyville CA Recruitment $310,916.00 9/11/2015
Little Elm Fire Department Little Elm TX Hiring $1,489,518.00 9/11/2015
North Canton Fire Department Canton NC Recruitment $128,788.00 9/11/2015
North County Fire Protection District Fallbrook CA Hiring $1,090,932.00 9/11/2015
Scranton Fire Department Scranton PA Hiring $1,722,056.00 9/11/2015
South Euclid Fire Department South Euclid OH Hiring $439,461.00 9/11/2015
Adams Fire Company Inc. North Tonawanda NY Recruitment $144,760.00 9/4/2015
Atlantic Steamer Fire Company. Oyster Bay NY Recruitment $27,280.00 9/4/2015
Jefferson County Rural Fire Protection District #1 Madras OR Recruitment $367,400.00 9/4/2015
Liberty Fire District, Inc. DeFuniak Springs FL Recruitment $407,853.00 9/4/2015
Pasco County Emergency Services Land O Lakes FL Recruitment $514,143.00 9/4/2015
Town of Canton Canton NC Hiring $87,080.00 9/4/2015
Union FIre Company No. 1 Crosswicks NJ Recruitment $57,080.00 9/4/2015
Abiquiu Fire Protection District Abiquiu NM Recruitment $136,324.00 8/28/2015
Alameda Fire Department Alameda CA Hiring $2,205,300.00 8/28/2015
Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department College Park MD Recruitment $305,500.00 8/28/2015
Bowie Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad Department Bowie MD Recruitment $1,877,900.00 8/28/2015
Bridgewater Fire Department Bridgewater MA Hiring $1,654,336.00 8/28/2015
Buckskin Fire Department Parker AZ Hiring $2,648,852.00 8/28/2015
City of Broken Arrow Fire Department Broken Arrow OK Hiring $1,090,791.00 8/28/2015
City of Fort Myers Fire Department Fort Myers FL Hiring $4,152,441.00 8/28/2015
City of Newark Fire Department Newark NJ Hiring $7,353,950.00 8/28/2015
Cleveland Division of Fire Cleveland OH Hiring $4,456,230.00 8/28/2015
Corinth-Shiloh Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Seneca SC Recruitment $203,435.00 8/28/2015
Danville Volunteer Fire Department Danville GA Recruitment $60,500.00 8/28/2015
District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department Washington DC Hiring $5,674,830.00 8/28/2015
Dwight Fire Protection District Dwight IL Recruitment $352,095.00 8/28/2015
Foley Fire Department Foley AL Hiring $1,154,421.00 8/28/2015
Hopkinton Fire District Hopkinton NY Recruitment $22,250.00 8/28/2015
Lebanon Fire District Lebanon OR Recruitment $1,123,660.00 8/28/2015
Manteca Fire Department Manteca CA Hiring $1,272,234.00 8/28/2015
Maury County Fire Department Columbia TN Hiring $621,000.00 8/28/2015
Mayer Fire District Mayer AZ Recruitment $947,360.00 8/28/2015
McKenzie Fire and Rescue Leaburg OR Recruitment $456,516.00 8/28/2015
Moncure Volunteer Fire Department Moncure NC Recruitment $256,676.00 8/28/2015
Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association Rockville MD Recruitment $539,463.00 8/28/2015
Muncie Fire Department Muncie IN Hiring $2,142,558.00 8/28/2015
Nassau County Office of Emergency Management Bethpage NY Recruitment $1,560,000.00 8/28/2015
North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District Naples FL Hiring $1,666,596.00 8/28/2015
Oakland Fire Department Oakland CA Hiring $4,268,112.00 8/28/2015
Pender EMS & Fire Burgaw NC Hiring $1,530,000.00 8/28/2015
San Jose Fire Department San Jose CA Hiring $3,328,458.00 8/28/2015
San Juan County Fire Department Aztec NM Recruitment $280,000.00 8/28/2015
Savannah Fire & Emergency Services Savannah GA Hiring $3,552,500.00 8/28/2015
Suffolk County Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services Yaphank NY Recruitment $1,299,065.00 8/28/2015
Taylor Fire Department Taylor MI Hiring $4,303,500.00 8/28/2015
Trenton Fire Department Trenton NJ Hiring $14,076,912.00 8/28/2015
Vigilant Engine & Hook & Ladder Co. Inc. Great Neck NY Recruitment $15,530.00 8/28/2015
Virginia Beach Fire Department Virginia Beach VA Hiring $1,368,000.00 8/28/2015
Virginia Fire Chiefs Association Blackstone VA Recruitment $908,468.00 8/28/2015
Washington County Volunteer Fire Department Chipley FL Recruitment $1,161,868.00 8/28/2015
West Metro Fire Protection District Lakewood CO Hiring $3,590,952.00 8/28/2015
Worcester Fire Department Worcester MA Hiring $2,751,586.00 8/28/2015
Yuba City Fire Department Yuba City CA Hiring $1,578,600.00 8/28/2015
City of Central Falls Fire Department Central Falls RI Hiring $544,264.00 8/21/2015
College Station Fire Department College Station TX Hiring $758,982.00 8/21/2015
Crooks Fire and Rescue Crooks SD Recruitment $580,000.00 8/21/2015
Hamlin Morton Walker Fire District Hamlin NY Recruitment $36,700.00 8/21/2015
Lompoc Fire Department Lompoc CA Recruitment $34,750.00 8/21/2015
Spanish Fort Fire and Rescue Spanish Fort AL Recruitment $634,234.00 8/21/2015
Volunteer Fire Department of Seymour, Inc. Seymour TN Recruitment $612,620.00 8/21/2015
Westampton Fire Department and Emergency Services Mount Holly NJ Recruitment $208,000.00 8/21/2015
Berkeley County Fire Service Board Martinsburg WV Recruitment $835,097.00 8/14/2015
Bethany Rural Fire Department of Johnston County Inc. North Carolina Kenly NC Recruitment $182,520.00 8/14/2015
City of Longwood Fire Department Longwood FL Hiring $879,036.00 8/14/2015
Cuyahoga Heights Fire Department Cuyahoga Heights OH Hiring $831,225.00 8/14/2015
Eudora Volunteer Fire Department Hernando MS Recruitment $209,132.00 8/14/2015
Hardin County Fire Department Savannah TN Recruitment $260,100.00 8/14/2015
Lafayette Fire Company of E. Lampeter Twp. Lancaster PA Recruitment $63,000.00 8/14/2015
New York State Assn. of Fire Chiefs Castleton NY Recruitment $42,831.00 8/14/2015
Urbana Fire Division Urbana OH Hiring $305,232.00 8/14/2015
Weed Volunteer Fire Department Weed CA Hiring $394,142.00 8/14/2015
Bedford Division of Fire Bedford OH Hiring $607,999.00 8/7/2015
Berrien Springs Oronoko Fire Department Berrien Springs MI Recruitment $97,457.00 8/7/2015
Bolivar City Fire Department Bolivar MO Recruitment $59,200.00 8/7/2015
Central Taney County Fire Protection District Kirbyville MO Recruitment $323,500.00 8/7/2015
Cicero Township Volunteer Fire Department Tipton IN Recruitment $32,000.00 8/7/2015
Dix Hills Fire District Dix Hills NY Recruitment $99,000.00 8/7/2015
Gloucester City Fire Department Gloucester City NJ Hiring $596,298.00 8/7/2015
Hurricane Volunteer Fire Department, Inc Hurricane WV Recruitment $577,100.00 8/7/2015
Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department Hyattsville MD Recruitment $393,050.00 8/7/2015
Idanha-Detroit Rural Fire Protection District Detroit OR Recruitment $574,803.00 8/7/2015
Lackawaxen Township Fire Commission Hawley PA Recruitment $203,660.00 8/7/2015
LaPine Rural Fire Protection District La Pine OR Recruitment $369,225.00 8/7/2015
Odenton Volunteer Fire Company Odenton MD Recruitment $216,000.00 8/7/2015
Point Pleasant Fire Protection District Boone County KY Recruitment $85,480.00 8/7/2015
Rio Rico Fire District Rio Rico AZ Hiring $396,021.00 8/7/2015
Sellersville Fire Department SELLERSVILLE PA Recruitment $346,400.00 8/7/2015
Skagit County Fire District #14 Burlington WA Recruitment $537,370.00 8/7/2015
Arcata Fire Protection District Arcata CA Hiring $1,051,995.00 7/31/2015
Augusta County Fire-Rescue Verona VA Hiring $2,691,260.00 7/31/2015
Benson Fire Department Benson NC Recruitment $374,976.00 7/31/2015
Boston Fire Department Boston MA Hiring $12,778,650.00 7/31/2015
Bourne Fire Dept. Bourne MA Hiring $1,333,104.00 7/31/2015
Burlington Fire Protection District Burlington KY Recruitment $397,925.00 7/31/2015
City of Inkster Fire Department Inkster MI Hiring $1,819,200.00 7/31/2015
City of Newberry Fire Department Newberry SC Recruitment $132,000.00 7/31/2015
City of Oxnard Oxnard CA Hiring $1,766,736.00 7/31/2015
City of Poughkeepsie Fire Dept. Poughkeepsie NY Hiring $959,455.00 7/31/2015
Clifton Fire Department Clifton NJ Hiring $1,730,564.00 7/31/2015
County of Los Angeles Los Angeles CA Hiring $2,493,378.00 7/31/2015
Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Fairfax VA Hiring $3,721,788.00 7/31/2015
Fall River Fire Department Fall River MA Hiring $2,060,920.00 7/31/2015
Fire Department of Montgomery Twp. Montgomeryville PA Recruitment $277,900.00 7/31/2015
Fire District of Sun City West Sun City West AZ Hiring $1,218,168.00 7/31/2015
Fort Wayne Fire Department Fort Wayne IN Hiring $1,455,150.00 7/31/2015
Garden Valley Fire Protection District Garden Valley CA Hiring $524,616.00 7/31/2015
Greensboro Fire Department Greensboro NC Hiring $1,119,648.00 7/31/2015
Hellsgate Fire District Star Valley AZ Recruitment $113,672.00 7/31/2015
Huntley Fire Protection District Huntley IL Recruitment $1,511,060.00 7/31/2015
Indianapolis Fire Department Indianapolis IN Hiring $4,457,700.00 7/31/2015
Kearny Fire Department Kearny NJ Hiring $1,595,844.00 7/31/2015
Lancaster County Fire Service Lancaster SC Recruitment $1,048,905.00 7/31/2015
Lawrence Fire Department Lawrence MA Hiring $1,181,222.00 7/31/2015
Lewiston Fire Co. # 1 Inc. lewiston NY Recruitment $25,036.00 7/31/2015
Lugoff Fire District Lugoff SC Recruitment $350,588.00 7/31/2015
Manheim Township Fire Rescue Lancaster PA Recruitment $152,000.00 7/31/2015
Maple Heights Fire Department Maple Heights OH Hiring $1,106,958.00 7/31/2015
Medford Lakes Fire Department Medford Lakes NJ Recruitment $107,000.00 7/31/2015
Mount Prospect Fire Department Mount Prospect IL Hiring $1,385,184.00 7/31/2015
Ocean Shores Fire-Emergency-Care-Department Ocean Shores WA Hiring $1,418,059.00 7/31/2015
Philadelphia Fire Department Philadelphia PA Hiring $22,896,960.00 7/31/2015
Polk County Fire Rescue Bartow FL Hiring $1,444,482.00 7/31/2015
Prince Georges County, MD Fire/Emergency Medical Upper Marlboro MD Hiring $3,620,808.00 7/31/2015
S.E. Thurston Fire Authority Yelm WA Recruitment $799,700.00 7/31/2015
Saginaw Fire Department Saginaw MI Hiring $2,017,145.00 7/31/2015
San Francisco Fire Department San Francisco CA Hiring $8,221,860.00 7/31/2015
Shreveport Fire Department Shreveport LA Hiring $1,326,000.00 7/31/2015
St. Johns County Fire Rescue St. Augustine FL Hiring $2,289,906.00 7/31/2015
Storey County Fire Department Virginia City NV Hiring $2,491,968.00 7/31/2015
Sun City Fire District Sun City AZ Hiring $1,772,448.00 7/31/2015
Thorndale Volunteer Fire Company Thorndale PA Recruitment $93,100.00 7/31/2015
Town of Davie Fire Rescue DAVIE FL Hiring $2,433,612.00 7/31/2015
West Palm Beach Fire Rescue West Palm Beach FL Hiring $2,293,050.00 7/31/2015
West Thurston Regional Fire Authority Olympia WA Recruitment $575,957.00 7/31/2015
Westland Fire Department Wayne MI Hiring $2,314,611.00 7/31/2015
Westmoore Volunteer Fire Protective Association, Inc. Seagrove NC Recruitment $126,740.00 7/31/2015
White Bear Lake Vol. Fire Department White Bear Lake MN Recruitment $97,000.00 7/31/2015
Wise River Volunteer Fire Department Wise River MT Recruitment $393,772.00 7/31/2015
Central Calaveras Fire & Rescue Protection Dist. Mokelumne Hill CA Hiring $287,000.00 7/24/2015
City of Lockport Fire Department Lockport NY Hiring $212,298.00 7/24/2015
Contentnea Volunteer Fire Wilson NC Recruitment $134,628.00 7/24/2015
Delphos Fire Rescue Delphos OH Hiring $336,840.00 7/24/2015
Douglas County Fire District No. 2 Roseburg OR Hiring $648,657.00 7/24/2015
Gaithersburg Washington Grove VFD Inc. Gaithersburg MD Recruitment $278,736.00 7/24/2015
Jackson County Fire District Number Four Shady Cove OR Hiring $829,216.00 7/24/2015
Mayhill Volunteer Fire Department Mayhill NM Recruitment $169,600.00 7/24/2015
Metro-North Fire Protection District St. Louis County MO Hiring $803,367.00 7/24/2015
Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue VI-801 The Dalles OR Recruitment $181,980.00 7/24/2015
Olivehurst Public Utility District Fire Department Olivehurst CA Hiring $621,600.00 7/24/2015
Pleasantville Fire Department Pleasantville NJ Hiring $760,905.00 7/24/2015
Redings Mill Fire Protection District Joplin MO Recruitment $103,040.00 7/24/2015
Scappoose Rural Fire Protection District Scappoose OR Hiring $438,546.00 7/24/2015
Sonora City Fire Department Sonora CA Hiring $179,800.00 7/24/2015
Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District Riverbank CA Hiring $477,123.00 7/24/2015
Ware Fire Department Ware MA Hiring $343,089.00 7/24/2015
Warrior Fire Warrior AL Hiring $968,400.00 7/24/2015
Westwood Fire Company #1 Coatesville PA Recruitment $24,000.00 7/24/2015
Yakima County Fire District #12 Yakima WA Hiring $268,000.00 7/24/2015
York City Department of Fire/Rescue Services York PA Hiring $783,904.00 7/24/2015
Bedford Township Fire Department Temperance MI Recruitment $6,000.00 7/17/2015
Benton New Hamburg Commerce Fire Protection District Benton MO Recruitment $125,700.00 7/17/2015
Berlin Fire Department Berlin NH Hiring $666,448.00 7/17/2015
Borough of Oakmont Volunteer Fire Department Oakmont PA Recruitment $63,100.00 7/17/2015
Cambria Fire Department Cambria CA Hiring $396,525.00 7/17/2015
Carlisle Township Fire Department LaGrange OH Hiring $161,897.00 7/17/2015
City of Superior Fire Department Superior WI Hiring $436,125.00 7/17/2015
Clay Township Fire Department Clay township MI Hiring $691,980.00 7/17/2015
Fresno Volunteer Fire Department Fresno TX Hiring $225,792.00 7/17/2015
Grand Junction Fire Department Grand Junction CO Hiring $515,385.00 7/17/2015
Hanover Fire & EMS Hanover VA Hiring $933,104.00 7/17/2015
Lacona Volunteer Fire Department Lacona NY Recruitment $102,620.00 7/17/2015
Lyndon Fire Protection District Louisville KY Hiring $219,584.00 7/17/2015
Manteno Community Fire Protection District Manteno IL Hiring $858,000.00 7/17/2015
Monterey Regional Fire District Salinas CA Hiring $766,938.00 7/17/2015
North Chicago Fire Department North Chicago IL Hiring $737,160.00 7/17/2015
Parma Fire Department CLEVELAND OH Hiring $794,286.00 7/17/2015
Rohrerstown Fire Company Lancaster PA Recruitment $495,900.00 7/17/2015
Santa Paula Fire Department Santa Paula CA Hiring $912,976.00 7/17/2015
Spring Lake Park Fire Department Spring Lake Park MN Hiring $594,000.00 7/17/2015
Stevens Creek Volunteer Fire Department Cupertino CA Recruitment $782,020.00 7/17/2015
The Upper Hominy Volunteer Fire & Rescue Dept., Inc. Candler NC Recruitment $222,666.00 7/17/2015
TVFD (Tonopah Valley Fire Dist.) Tonopah AZ Hiring $457,975.00 7/17/2015
Anne Arundel County, Maryland Millersville MD Hiring $7,072,520.00 7/10/2015
Armada Township Fire Department Armada MI Hiring $224,000.00 7/10/2015
Auburn Volunteer Fire Department Auburn CA Hiring $536,252.00 7/10/2015
Avra Valley Fire District Marana AZ Hiring $1,461,900.00 7/10/2015
Bayshore Fire /Rescue n. ft. myers FL Hiring $890,238.00 7/10/2015
Benton County Fire Protection District #2 Benton City WA Hiring $858,440.00 7/10/2015
Biloxi Fire Department Biloxi MS Hiring $1,404,240.00 7/10/2015
City of Allen Park Fire Department Allen Park MI Hiring $1,164,000.00 7/10/2015
City of Beloit Fire Department Beloit WI Hiring $490,365.00 7/10/2015
City of Darlington Fire Department Darlington SC Hiring $134,316.00 7/10/2015
City of Macclenny Fire Rescue Macclenny FL Hiring $300,987.00 7/10/2015
City of Norwich Fire Department Norwich NY Hiring $560,694.00 7/10/2015
City of Watertown Fire-Rescue Watertown NY Hiring $287,948.00 7/10/2015
Columbia Heights Columbia Heights MN Hiring $335,282.00 7/10/2015
Dearborn Heights Fire Department Dearborn Heights MI Hiring $889,744.00 7/10/2015
Farmington Hills Fire Department Farmington Hills MI Hiring $694,588.00 7/10/2015
Franklin Township Fire Department Columbus OH Hiring $1,403,075.00 7/10/2015
Gates Fire District Rochester NY Hiring $354,603.00 7/10/2015
Gibson County Fire Department Trenton TN Hiring $476,536.00 7/10/2015
Hellsgate Fire District Star Valley AZ Hiring $1,621,258.00 7/10/2015
Houston Fire Department Houston TX Hiring $4,797,650.00 7/10/2015
Immokalee Fire Control District Immokalee FL Hiring $2,012,052.00 7/10/2015
Jefferson County Fire District #2 Quilcene WA Hiring $396,000.00 7/10/2015
Kent Fire Department Kent WA Hiring $1,390,806.00 7/10/2015
Lackawanna Fire Department Lackawanna NY Hiring $536,324.00 7/10/2015
Mooresville Fire Department Mooresville IN Hiring $507,900.00 7/10/2015
Newark Newark OH Hiring $369,285.00 7/10/2015
North Lawrence Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. North Lawrence OH Hiring $470,232.00 7/10/2015
North Little Rock Fire Department North Little Rock AR Hiring $2,632,824.00 7/10/2015
Palmetto Fire Department Palmetto GA Hiring $331,144.00 7/10/2015
Paterson Fire Department Paterson NJ Hiring $7,498,372.00 7/10/2015
Pierce County Fire District #5 Gig Harbor WA Hiring $1,341,054.00 7/10/2015
South Pierce Fire and Rescue Eatonville WA Hiring $339,148.00 7/10/2015
St. Robert City Fire & Rescue St. Robert MO Hiring $588,054.00 7/10/2015
Tahoe Douglas Fire District Zephyr Cove NV Hiring $1,162,380.00 7/10/2015
Teays Valley Volunteer Fire Department Scott Depot WV Hiring $508,668.00 7/10/2015
Thurston County Fire Protection District #9 Olympia WA Hiring $361,632.00 7/10/2015
Tice Fire Protection & Rescue Service District Ft. Myers FL Hiring $2,383,524.00 7/10/2015
Town of Beloit Fire Department Beloit WI Hiring $160,884.00 7/10/2015
Town of Harrisburg Fire Department Harrisburg NC Hiring $1,362,945.00 7/10/2015
Waterloo Fire Rescue Waterloo IA Hiring $497,832.00 7/10/2015
Westampton Fire Department and Emergency Services Westampton NJ Hiring $372,000.00 7/10/2015
Benton County Fire Protection District #4 West Richland WA Hiring $493,311.00 7/3/2015
Columbus Rural Fire District#3 Columbus MT Hiring $343,494.00 7/3/2015
Desert Hills Fire District Lake Havasu City AZ Hiring $741,042.00 7/3/2015
East Wayne Fire District Dalton OH Hiring $648,000.00 7/3/2015
Euclid Fire Department Euclid OH Hiring $977,469.00 7/3/2015
Keizer Fire District Keizer OR Hiring $550,896.00 7/3/2015
Mid-County Fire Protection District Camdenton MO Hiring $99,900.00 7/3/2015
North Star Volunteer Fire Department North Pole AK Hiring $737,934.00 7/3/2015
Rocky Point Volunteer Fire Department Rocky Point NC Hiring $84,000.00 7/3/2015
S.E. Thurston Fire Authority Yelm WA Hiring $802,068.00 7/3/2015
Seaside Fire Department Seaside CA Hiring $754,260.00 7/3/2015
Siletz RFPD Siletz OR Hiring $177,150.00 7/3/2015

The history of Veteran’s Day

World War I – known at the time as “The Great War” – officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles, France. However, fighting ceased seven months earlier when an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.”

Soldiers of the 353rd Infantry near a church at Stenay, Meuse in France.

In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…”

The original concept for the celebration was for a day observed with parades and public meetings and a brief suspension of business beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Here is the quote from the resolution passed on June 4, 1926

Whereas the 11th of November 1918, marked the cessation of the most destructive, sanguinary, and far reaching war in human annals and the resumption by the people of the United States of peaceful relations with other nations, which we hope may never again be severed, and
Whereas it is fitting that the recurring anniversary of this date should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations; and
Whereas the legislatures of twenty-seven of our States have already declared November 11 to be a legal holiday: Therefore be it Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), that the President of the United States is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on November 11 and inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples.

Read the entire article on

FEMA Training Available

Webinar: Keeping CERT Volunteers Active and Engaged

The FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Division is pleased to invite you to a webinar on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 that will feature several local programs that have developed creative ideas and practices for keeping CERT volunteers engaged and involved, including supporting non-emergency events in their communities.

Title: Keeping CERT Volunteers Active and Engaged

Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Time:  3:00 – 4:30 p.m. (ET)

This webinar will feature guest speakers from CERT programs in the following jurisdictions:

  • Irvine, CA
  • Manchester, CT
  • Phoenix, AZ

How to Join the Webinar:

“Mayhem in May” Read how an entire town gets involved in preparing for a disaster

City and county stakeholders create communitywide emergency operations plans for residents

Residents of Vilonia, AR, understand the importance of preparedness. In 2011 and 2014, tornadoes ripped through the town, causing extensive damage. The community committed to preparing for the next disaster. “Our tornado season runs from April to June,” said Vilonia Assistant Fire Chief K.C. Williams. “Since the tornadoes in 2011 and 2014 were fresh on all our minds, we could get the community to prepare for their preparedness.”

Organizers of Vilonia's PrepareAthon! included (clockwise from top left) K.C. Williams, Keith Hillman, Casey Williams, and Allin Crawford.

Methods to Their Mayhem

Just eight days after the one-year anniversary of the nearly 200 mile per hour Mayflower/Vilonia Tornado that ravaged their town, the Vilonia Fire Department hosted “Mayhem in May,” a multiagency virtual tabletop exercise at the Conway Expo Center in Conway, AR. This event was one of the more than 23 million registered preparedness actions that took place this year in collaboration with America’s PrepareAthon!

Coordinating with FEMA Region VI, a team of four set to work organizing the exercise and bringing key stakeholders to the table. The team included Assistant Chief Williams and his daughter Casey Williams, who served as an active volunteer following the 2011 and 2014 tornadoes and currently represents Arkansas on the FEMA Region VI Youth Preparedness Council; Vilonia Fire Chief Keith Hillman; and Captain Allin Crawford, firefighter and emergency medical technician with the Vilonia Fire Department.

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