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New Guide from NFPA from Wildland Urban Interface

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Executive Summary

Wildland and wildland/urban interface fires are a major problem in many parts of the country, and are increasing in frequency. These fires typically require more resources in terms of personnel and equipment than any one department has available, and so by their nature require cooperation and coordination between multiple departments, agencies, and organizations. Historically fire departments have focused primarily on fire suppression/control responsibilities, however increasingly the need for greater effort in wildfire risk reduction is becoming important. This report, based on 46 fire chief and senior line officer interviews, describes how some fire departments are addressing the wildfire peril and making the transition to becoming better prepared and ready to control and mitigate a wildfire incident in their communities. For some departments these conditions require only minor adjustments in their organization, procedures, and activities, while for other departments a major shift in outlook and approach may be required.

Fire Department Wildfire preparedness and readiness Capabilities

Complete report available here: NFPA WUI Phase 1

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