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Wingspread VI July 18-20

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This week, in Racine, Wisconsin is the Golden Anniversary of Wingspread Conference.   But it’s only the 6th meeting of this important strategic planning meeting.

The first meeting of this conference was in February, 1966 in the same location as the present day conference, the Johnson Wax Foundation.  They called 10 of the nation’s fire service leaders to their world famous conference center for the single purpose “….to produce a useful document that described the Statement of Critical Issues to The Fire and Emergency Services in the United States.”

Since then, the participants have grown in numbers.  This year, 40 of the best from around the country have gathered in Racine to once again, to forecast and shape the issues of the  the American fire service.

Among those invited, Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr, SW Division member and current President of the IAFC will be participating.

The topics that will be discussed over the 3-day event will include:

  • The future of the industry
  • Higher education, training and operational simulations
  • Technology
  • National and World Economy
  • Homeland Security
  • The Big Six

The chairman of this year’s meeting is Chief Alan Brunacini. A full report will be produced and released following the meeting.

To read the entire article as written by Dennis Rubin and Bobby Halton and  published in Fire Engineering click here: Wingspread VI articleWingspread

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