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Red Cross Fire Prevention Campaign

One Year of Working Together to Make America Safer from Home Fires
A major milestone is just around the corner for the Home Fire Campaign. October will mark one year since the campaign launched in 2014. Over the course of this first year, the Red Cross has partnered with more the 1,900 organizations nationally and locally to bring fire safety education and working smoke alarms to homes around the country. Working together, we have installed more than 125,000 smoke alarms and helped to prepare more than 63,000 households. Most importantly, 26 lives have been saved so far as a result of the fire safety education and working smoke alarms provided by the campaign.  
Campaign Goal and Cornerstones

GOAL: 25% reduction in home fire deaths and injuries over the next five years

■ Door-to-door installation of smoke alarms and completion of a fire safety checklist and escape plan in vulnerable neighborhoods
■ Engagement of youth in classrooms and after school with technology, challenges, and science-based education
■ Marketing and public relations campaign to motivate people to take action to save themselves, their families and their neighbors by checking smoke alarms and practicing home evacuations

 The campaign’s impact since it began:

26 documented lives saved; 63,000+ households prepared; 125,000+ smoke alarms installed; 51,500+ fire escape plans made; 311,000+ youth reached; 1,100+ local organizations involved

 To read the entire news article click here

fire prevention campaign

National Campus Fire Safety Month

This message brought to you by the ICC. Free resources available on

September 2016 is the twelfth annual National Campus Fire Safety Month. Since the program started in 2005, it has seen a lot of growth with more schools and communities doing fire safety education programs. Over 350 proclamations have been signed by the nation’s governors during this time, but most importantly, we have seen fire deaths going down.


For the first time, in the 2014/2015 academic year, there were no college-related fire deaths since I started keeping track in 2000. I really believe this is because of what everyone is doing to raise awareness among students and parents about fire-safe housing and practices, so thank you for all that you are doing!


In addition, since 2005, there have not been any fatal fires in residence halls or Greek housing, which is a testimony to what schools are doing on their campuses. Yes, for the past 11 years, there have been zero fire deaths in residence halls, fraternities and sororities.




As we get close to September 1, if you are looking for free resources that you can use on your campus or in your community, you can find the “Campus Firewatch At-a-Glance” list of videos, posters and other tools on the Campus Firewatch website. Many of these were developed under FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grants to organizations such as the Michael H. Minger Foundation and the Clery Center for Security on Campus, and we want to make them as widely available as possible for everyone to use. They include tools such as…

and much more.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!


Ed Comeau

‘Equally Victimized by this System as By the Guy Who Raped Me’ — Longreads Blog

At Cosmopolitan, Jillian Keenan reports on Dinisha Ball’s nightmare experience of being denied rape kits in more than one ER, for both legally invalid and “valid” reasons, after being drugged and sexually assaulted in Houston.

via ‘Equally Victimized by this System as By the Guy Who Raped Me’ — Longreads Blog

SWFCA announces partnership with Tenzinga Software, bringing more benefits to our members

The Southwestern Fire Chiefs is proud to announce a partnership with Tenzinga Employee Performance Management System, an active online performance management software that is improving communication, consistency and continuous improvement for fire departments nationwide.

“Tenzinga has greatly benefitted our member departments as well as other fire departments across the country,” said Lisa Moatts, director of the SWFCA. “This partnership is a great opportunity for our members to build and improve their organizations.”

Bob Norton, Tenzinga’s CEO, has worked to develop this unique software solution designed to enhance leadership and empower employees for greater morale, performance and results. Fire departments across the country have already embraced the benefits of the software, including increased organizational transparency and improving the present and future performance of employees, through the only objective performance management solution.

“Partnering with the members of the IAFC- SW Division is an achievement that we’re proud to announce,” Norton said. “We’ve worked with fire departments for the past 20 years in resolving conflict with the Tenzinga objective process that enhances leadership and empowers the teams and individuals they serve — and the organizations as a whole.”

Tenzinga is a web-based active employee performance management system designed to help leaders give employees the direction and feedback they need to improve performance and produce top results. Tenzinga will be offering special incentives for those attendees of FRI 2016. And look for them at Firehouse Expo in Nashville for more incentives.
“Since the implementation of the Tenzinga Performance Management and Leadership platform earlier this year, the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District has experienced immediate results,” said Kingman Schuldt, fire chief of the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District. “Communication, accountability and transparency have risen exponentially without negatively impacting personnel. Because of the focus on positive feedback and individualized professional development strategies, the membership has embraced the system. As a chief fire officer for some 22 years, I can honestly say the Tenzinga platform is the best I have ever experienced.”
For more information, go to or call Lisa Moatts @ 843-694-2768

New board members to take seats at FRI

The SW Division Board of Directors will have some new faces to take their places effective after FRI.


Arkansas Vice President

David Dayringer, Arkansas VP

Chief David C. Dayringer

David C. Dayringer became the Fayetteville Fire Chief on January 4, 2010. Dayringer previously served as Deputy Chief for the Tulsa Fire Department, where he worked for 28 years.

Dayringer received an Associate of Science degree from Tulsa Community College in Fire Protection Technology and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.

He is a 2005 graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program and has been accredited as a Chief Fire Officer by the Commission on Professional Credentialing since 2005 from the Center for Public Safety Excellence.


Chief James  Fullingim
Oklahoma State University, Fire Service Training

Fire Chief James Fullingim has been a member of the Norman Fire Department since 1981.  In that time he has advanced through the ranks holding all fire suppression positions in the chain of command; Firefighter, Driver/Engineer, Captain, Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief and was appointed to the Fire Chief’s position in June 2006.  He serves as both the Chief of the Norman Fire Department and the Emergency Management Director for the City of Norman.

Chief Fullingim has completed the University of Maryland’s National Fire Service Staff and Command Course. He is a past president of both the Southwestern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and OKC Metro Chiefs Association. Chief Fullingim has an Associate Degree in Municipal Fire Protection from OSU-OKC, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Ethics from MACU.

Chief Fullingim retired from Norman Fire Department earlier this year and began working full time for OSU-FST in Stillwater, OK.


Chief Roy Robichaux Jr. 

roy robichaux

Roy A. Robichaux, Jr., CFPS, has been a member of the International Assn. of Fire Chiefs from 1978 to Present.    In the Southwestern Division he has served as President and Secretary-Treasurer.  Since June 1978 he has be Fire Chief of the Belle Chasse Volunteer Fire Department.   He is currently employed as Superintendent of Fire Departments for Plaquemines Parish Government, Plaquemines Parish, LA.    Also worked as Superintendent, Emergency Response/Fire Chief for 23 years for ConocoPhillips and other companies at the Alliance Refinery, Belle Chasse, LA.     He is an Active Life Member of the Louisiana Fire Chiefs’ Assn. serving as President & Secretary and a Life Member & Past President of the Louisiana State Firemen’s Assn.


Chief Shauwn Howell, Sr., 2nd Vice President


Shauwn Howell started his fire service career with the Pine Bluff Fire Department in 1999; he was promoted to engineer in 2005 and then to Lieutenant in 2008. Chief Howell served as the department’s first Public Information Officer in 2008 and Training Director in 2009 before being appointed to Deputy Fire Chief in 2010 and then Fire Chief in 2012.  Chief Howell is married to Trammell L. Howell and they have three children, Carreba, Shauwn Jr. and William.


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