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SWFCA announces partnership with Tenzinga Software, bringing more benefits to our members

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The Southwestern Fire Chiefs is proud to announce a partnership with Tenzinga Employee Performance Management System, an active online performance management software that is improving communication, consistency and continuous improvement for fire departments nationwide.

“Tenzinga has greatly benefitted our member departments as well as other fire departments across the country,” said Lisa Moatts, director of the SWFCA. “This partnership is a great opportunity for our members to build and improve their organizations.”

Bob Norton, Tenzinga’s CEO, has worked to develop this unique software solution designed to enhance leadership and empower employees for greater morale, performance and results. Fire departments across the country have already embraced the benefits of the software, including increased organizational transparency and improving the present and future performance of employees, through the only objective performance management solution.

“Partnering with the members of the IAFC- SW Division is an achievement that we’re proud to announce,” Norton said. “We’ve worked with fire departments for the past 20 years in resolving conflict with the Tenzinga objective process that enhances leadership and empowers the teams and individuals they serve — and the organizations as a whole.”

Tenzinga is a web-based active employee performance management system designed to help leaders give employees the direction and feedback they need to improve performance and produce top results. Tenzinga will be offering special incentives for those attendees of FRI 2016. And look for them at Firehouse Expo in Nashville for more incentives.
“Since the implementation of the Tenzinga Performance Management and Leadership platform earlier this year, the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District has experienced immediate results,” said Kingman Schuldt, fire chief of the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District. “Communication, accountability and transparency have risen exponentially without negatively impacting personnel. Because of the focus on positive feedback and individualized professional development strategies, the membership has embraced the system. As a chief fire officer for some 22 years, I can honestly say the Tenzinga platform is the best I have ever experienced.”
For more information, go to or call Lisa Moatts @ 843-694-2768

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