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Red Cross Fire Prevention Campaign

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One Year of Working Together to Make America Safer from Home Fires
A major milestone is just around the corner for the Home Fire Campaign. October will mark one year since the campaign launched in 2014. Over the course of this first year, the Red Cross has partnered with more the 1,900 organizations nationally and locally to bring fire safety education and working smoke alarms to homes around the country. Working together, we have installed more than 125,000 smoke alarms and helped to prepare more than 63,000 households. Most importantly, 26 lives have been saved so far as a result of the fire safety education and working smoke alarms provided by the campaign.  
Campaign Goal and Cornerstones

GOAL: 25% reduction in home fire deaths and injuries over the next five years

■ Door-to-door installation of smoke alarms and completion of a fire safety checklist and escape plan in vulnerable neighborhoods
■ Engagement of youth in classrooms and after school with technology, challenges, and science-based education
■ Marketing and public relations campaign to motivate people to take action to save themselves, their families and their neighbors by checking smoke alarms and practicing home evacuations

 The campaign’s impact since it began:

26 documented lives saved; 63,000+ households prepared; 125,000+ smoke alarms installed; 51,500+ fire escape plans made; 311,000+ youth reached; 1,100+ local organizations involved

 To read the entire news article click here

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