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The Southwestern Fire Chiefs Association is a five-state Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). 

We represent a large 5-state region as a charter of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.  

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The SWFCA holds an annual conference every year.

Find out about 2019 Executive Leadership Conference in Lafayette For members only

The 2019  conference will be held in Lafayette, LA!  The conference offers training, top topic discussibons, information, fun, fellowship and networking that brings the leadership of the division members together to enhance their effectiveness.

Fire-Rescue International, the annual event hosted by IAFC.  Our members and honored guests are invited to attend a special hospitality suite to our registered division members.  It is free to members who are registered to attend FRI. 

We also host  a luncheon at FRI to showcase what our division has done in the past year, introduce our board of directors and staff.  We also provide a platform for the newly elected officers of the IAFC and other executive committee members.  The small fee of $10 we charge helps to offset our cost of reserving the private dining hall, catering staff and the meal (a value of $35-$40 per person) 

The SWFCA gives Two (2) educational scholarships to deserving students each year. The student must be a child or grandchild of a Southwestern Division member-in-good- standing. For more information click here.

The SWFCA publishes a newsletter 6 times a year (the Fireground). Each edition carries educational information, news and happenings in our region.  

Our partner state associations are also a huge part of our focus during the year.  We offer training opportunities, assistance with state association meetings and most of all we support our state chief’s associations 

To provide educational opportunities and leadership to career and volunteer chiefs, chiefs officers, and managers of emergency service organizations throughout the southwestern region of the United States, through education, information, service, vision, and representation.

Register to receive our bi-monthly newsletter .  Also let us know if you would like to get involved with the association. 

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