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Executive Leadership Conference and Expo

The conference in Nassau Bay-Clear Lake area was a success!  We have the largest attendance for a SW Division hosted conference in recent history.  The reviews we’ve received from the attendees and vendors have been amazing!  As we wrap up business from a busy 2016-2017 year..we begin preparing for another exciting 2017-2018 year.

We surveyed attendees with a blind survey and here are some of the responses we received:

Speakers and presenters were very engaging!   survey respondent #43- Arkansas
Keynote speaker delivered an exceptional message!  survey respondent #27- Oklahoma
Overall conference was very good and I will plan on attending in 2018!  survey respondent #21- Texas

For complete results, you may request by emailing

Please enjoy the photos!  If you have any requests or need further information on the education or vendor exhibits, please reach out to

Chief Roberson of St. George Fire District Louisiana became the Louisiana representative.  Chief Benoit of LaFayette, Louisiana was voted to join the executive committee as 2nd Vice President

The Hurricane Harvey Panel was heavily attended.  We appreciate the panel guests for their experience and willingness to share the rescue operations with the attendees.

We had a special graduation ceremony for the Class of 2017 Leadership Academy.  IAFC Past President John Sinclair joined President Tom Bradley and Instructor Kelly Walsh as they awarded certificates to those in attendance.

Friday night we were treated to a special after-hours tour of Johnson Space Center.  The photo below is a special “welcome” from Mission Control Center to the IAFC! Special thanks to Kirkpatrick Architecture Studios for sponsoring this night and for the employees of Johnson Space Center for adding the personal touch to this incredible experience. We appreciate the efforts of the entire crew of JSC!  P_20171016_124956_vHDR_Auto

More photos from the NASA tour.

We also enjoyed a phenomenal group of speakers.  The topics ranged from learning about ISO challenges and what to expect to leading from the top.  Dealing with millennials in the workforce to understanding the new reality in leadership today.


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